Davis County Search and Rescue operates under the standard ICS protocol for incident management.
Water Team
Our Water Rescue team is trained to provide the following services to the citizens of Davis County:
  • Technical Dive Rescue
  • Swiftwater Rescue
  • Underwater search & rescue
  • Underwater investigation
  • Cold water search & rescue

Mountain Team
Our Mountain Rescue team trains in a variety of technical rescue disciplines. High angle rope rescue is one of our most practiced skills, but our mountain team members are also trained to provide the following services:
  • High-angle technical rescue
  • Avalanche rescue
  • Mountain search/tracking
  • Emergency backcountry evacuation
  • Mountain Rescue Association


The logistics team is an integral part of the DCSAR organization. Logistics team members are trained to assist the Mountain and Water rescue teams with equipment, supplies, and to provide the following services:

  • Command post staging and administration
  • Strategic search planning
  • Team tracking and resource administration
The DCSAR believes that quality training is our number one asset. Because of this, we maintain an aggressive monthly training schedule in which all members receive expert instruction and practical experience. Members undergo training in a variety of disciplines.


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