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Drowning Homicide Investigator II

Provided by Lifeguard Systems, Inc., Hurley, New York
Hosted by Davis County Sheriff's Search & Rescue, Farmington, Utah

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A Two Day classroom-based Program

Course Outline

  • Approach drowning fatalities and child near drownings with the same degree of suspicion as any other homicide or possible child abuse incident.
  • Case history debriefings.
  • Witness Interviewing Procedures
  • Investigation procedures on the scene.
  • Profiling an openwater investigation
  • Post mortem physiology forensics- what to look for on a body recovered from the water.
  • Three types of incidents: homicide by drowning, victim’s body dumped in water after homicide on land, and near-drowning as a result of child abuse or other foul play.
  • How to retrieve and handle evidence thrown in the water - how can a detective know if a dive team conducted a thorough search, or if the team just missed the item.
  • Investigation of vehicular water suicides, and how to determine the difference between a vehicular suicide and attempted cover-up.
  • Where to look for a body in open water – what procedures to follow.
  • How to know if a dive team is doing an effective search or not.
  • How to protect individual and department liability when perpetrators attempt to escape police by way of water, and the perpetrator drowns. What procedures can be followed during such an incident to keep the officers safe physically and reduce liability.

Class Materials

Each student receives:

  • Homicide by Drowning Manual (125 pages)
  • A Homicide by Drowning Investigator Workbook
  • Handouts
  • Wall Certificate of Completion
  • An opptional ACUC Drowning Homicide Investigator ID certification card is available for an additional $20 per student.

Who Can Attend

  • Any law enforcement personnel, especially detectives, crime scene investigators, deputies, etc.
  • Medical examiners and coroners.
  • Prosecutors, attorneys, or anyone involved in the judicial aspect of a drowning case.

The course fee per student is $195. Every sixth member of each attending department can attend for the cost of the materials.




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Updated: 24-Dec-2002