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3.  How often is the DCSAR called out?

The Davis County Sheriff's Search & Rescue unit responds to an average of 40 calls per year.  About 75% of these calls are in the various canyons and hills in Davis County.  The DCSAR unit responds to calls for assistance through the Davis County Sheriff's Office.  These calls may include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Searches for lost children and adults
  • Searches for lost hunters and hikers
  • Access evacuation for accidents victims in remote areas
  • Avalanche victim search and recovery
  • Aiding the Sheriff's department in the search for evidence
  • Providing assistance during natural disasters and emergencies such as flooding, earthquakes, power outages and land slides
  • Swift water rescues
  • Underwater rescue and recovery
  • Aviation crash rescue
  • Recovery of deceased