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About Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue

Q: What is the Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue and who are the volunteers?
The Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue (DCSAR) is an all-volunteer organization which works under the direction of the Davis County Sheriff's Office. The DCSAR is on call 24 hours / day, 365 days / year, and respond to over 800 square miles in Davis County, Utah. DCSAR also responds to calls for assistance from other counties and agencies abroad.

Search and rescue volunteers are selected from the community based in their expertise and special talents--but the primary requirement for membership is a true desire to help others. The group includes mountaineering specialists, rock climbers, cavers, scuba divers, tracking specialists, and swiftwater rescue technicians. Our members come from all walks of life⁠—some come to us with experience, some without. Those without prior rescue experience go through a rigorous training program prior to becoming full members of the organization.

Q: Where is Davis County?
Davis County is located between Salt Lake City and Ogden in Northern Utah, USA. With a population of 250,000, Davis County is located at the base of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains, and offers numerous hiking trails, scenic byways, high mountain camping and trails, hunting, fishing and more. Davis County is fast becoming a popular spot for rock climbing in the summer, and various back-country winter sports such as snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowboarding. The County contains more than 60 canyons and streams, 365 square miles of the Great Salt Lake - including the 28,000 acre Antelope Island, and numerous small ponds, lakes and marshes.

Q: How often is the DCSAR called out?
The Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit responds to an average of 30 calls per year. About 75% of these calls are in the various canyons and hills in Davis County. The DCSAR responds to calls for assistance through the Davis County Sheriff's Office. These calls may include (but are certainly not limited to):

Searches for lost children and adults.
Searches for lost hunters and skiers.
Access and evacuation of accident victims in remote areas.
Avalanche victim search & recovery.
Aiding the Sheriff's department in the search for evidence.
Provided assistance during natural disasters and emergencies such as flooding, earthquakes, power outages, and land slides.
Swift water rescue.
Underwater rescue & recovery (SCUBA).
Air-crash rescue.
Recovery of the deceased.

Q: What are the medical capabilities of Search & Rescue members?
The DCSAR is dedicated to providing the highest standards of medical care to everyone in need of assistance. Each member of the Search and Rescue Team is required to be trained in basic first aid and CPR. Many of our members are also certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Continual training in patient care is a major focus of our monthly training courses. For advanced emergency medical diagnosis and treatment, the DCSAR relies on the expert skills of the Davis County Sheriff's Office, Patrol Division Paramedics.

Q: Does the DCSAR do any educational work with the community?

The DCSAR is very active in the community. We are involved in a variety of programs such as giving lectures to local boy & girl scout troops, elementary schools, and church groups. One such program that has met with particular success is the Hug A Tree program. Each year, members of the DCSAR volunteer a considerable amount of time to visit local grade schools to teach children what to do if they become lost. This program is designed for children in grades K-12, and can be tailored to groups of 10 to 200 children.
If you are a parent of a child in grades K-12, you should examine carefully our page on Hug A Tree, print it out and talk about it with your child. What you say may someday save your child's life!

Q: Who is Davis Search & Rescue Foundation, Inc.

Davis Search & Rescue Foundation, Inc is the official fundraising arm of the Davis County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Team and is a charitable organization set up as a 501(c)3.  For more information concerning the 501(c)3 please email