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7.  Does DCSAR charge for rescues?

DCSAR does NOT charge for rescues.  Rescue operations are paid for by funds obtained through Search & Rescue specific fund-raising efforts and through the support of the Davis County Sheriff's Office.  People in need of our assistance should not hesitate to call for help and not fear the cost of a rescue.

This is a significant effort.  It often requires that volunteers sacrifice personal interest, time, and equipment to perform dangerous tasks.  Some activities can include dozens of teams and last for several days.  No matter how deep the snow, how bad the weather, how lost the person- when the call goes out, DCSAR responds.

For more information, download our informational brochure or feel free to contact us at

Search & Rescue needs your support to continue providing this essential service to the community.  If you would like more information about how to support the DCSAR, please e-mail or contact the Davis County Sheriff's Office at 801-451-4100

If you want information about the Search & Rescue organization in your own community, contact your local Sheriff's Office.